Lady Gaga - 911 (Short Film)


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Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911. © 2020 Interscope Records


  • Paola Martinez
    Paola Martinez5 分钟 前

    Fan de la shakira apoyando, les agradezco mucho el apoyo a lo hecho está hecho ( ˘ ³˘)❥✷✿

  • Adriana Santos
    Adriana Santos31 分钟 前

    soy fan de Michael Jackson y Lady Gaga sin duda alguna leyendas ♡︎

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson37 分钟 前


  • angeles paz
    angeles paz44 分钟 前

    Tinistas apoyando!!! Vamos x los 100M.

  • Alessio Guarna
    Alessio Guarna55 分钟 前

    Original title: The rebirth of the goddess (You are no longer the center of the world, not even with Molok's help ) PART 1 1) 0:13 Desert, the man in black is the guardian of the threshold (angel, Anubis etc ..) 2) 0:22 She is lying down she has a blindfold, the blindfold represents the profane, she wakes up profane. 3) 0:21 The pomegranate is the symbol of the earth of the world, the grains all find their own harmony, the pomegranate juice is red like blood. 4) 0:28 The arrangement in the scene of pomegranates has changed, they are scattered split in half, it means the scourge of humanity. 5) 0:31 She perceives that there is someone to the east, although she does not see him she perceives the guardian of the threshold. 6) 0:38 The blindfold falls off and she loses her profane condition and begins to see. 7) 0:42 The knight arrived inside a "room of lost steps". 8) 0:44 Behind her is a solar disk, in the form of a presage where she is to become an enlightened one. 9) 0 :42 Before entering the threshold there is a kind of Madonna, an icon that we will find throughout the video, represents the protagonist of the video. 10) 1:02 she enters a metaphorical cage and starts making strange movements. The colors red, white and green (Rosicrucians). The Armenian director has nothing to do with it, it's just an excuse, there are 3 layers in the video. 1st is the initial story "I have an accident and I am in a dream". 2nd Inspiration from the armenian movie 3rd is the real one or the paramassonic one, of Masonic in this video there is nothing, only the vehicle of communication. These are all the messages of the new power. 11) The man who bangs his head on the pillow "the penitent" represents the new generation, represents the people, the slave. 12) 0:58 Blue's dressed guys are angels (Michele) 13) the types dressed in orange are the laymen (blindfolded ones) 14) The woman dressed in blue is a Marian figure with a mumified Christ and represents the old generation, the past era. 15) the singer who is on the left of the Madonna will be the one who will be initiated into the new era, the new goddess. 16) 1:15 The singer in the cage makes gestures among them one means "I can't speak", she has to keep an oath. 17) 1:38 The angels look impassive one of them has a sword with which he keeps evil at bay. (Gabriele - Raffaele - Michele) 19) 1:11 The madonna is weeping, a madonna never cries, very few times we see madonnas crying, in the video she cries and means the end. 20) Two figures descend, the type dressed in black (antichrist) and the one dressed in white (the mother goddess), dualism. Good and evil descend on earth, the higher being must polarize to try to return to the one again. 21) Evil (the one dressed in black) approaches the mumified Christ and the mother goddess covers the people (the penitent) closes and hides the people. 22) The singer takes an image and closes it inside a box. The image represents herself enclosed in a sarcophagus. PART 2 23) We are in the Sancta Sanctorum temple. She no longer represents the one she was before, she represents the universe, the universal goddess. 24) 1:48 Behind the singer (dressed in blue) there are two hanged dolls, those represent the ritual sacrifices. 25) 1:51 On the left we find the Jacob's ladder, at the bottom of the image we find a kind of dinosaur, the dinosaur represents the previous age, the primordial age sixty-five million years ago. 26) We see a small pond with spheres that represents the alignment of the planets, during the video they will change position to arrive at the perfect, propitious alignment. 27) 1:51 Here is Molok next to the guy dressed in black and the blindfolded servant, the antichrist puts a shell in Molok's mouth and takes it away, represents the sacrifice. 28) 2:09 Now we have the goddess of nature with the white rose in her hand, she goes to heaven happy but she is stopped by the antichrist who holds her by the ankle. After all, the alignment of the planets has changed in the pond, the earth, venus, mercury and the sun, it is the right moment to sacrifice the reproduction of the goddess (the one that is at the top of the parliament ) 29) The goddess illuminates the withering rose with the mirror. 30) The antichrist brings down the goddess of nature. 31) Now she is dressed in red in the process of sacrifice, the goddess arrives (dressed in white) the antichrist ties her up again, now she is a prisoner of the antithesis and of the thesis, now she is ready to come true and materialize. 32) The symbol of the two fingers means Masonic silence. 33) 2:32 the antichrist opens his mouth and breathed by evil, the ritual part begins. 34) 2:36 There are the followers of Molok the guy dressed in Blue with the T-shaped head is the symbol of fear. 35) She passes by like a bride, her petals are red, you can see the peacock, the esoteric symbol par excellence, evil follows her etc ... 36) 2:46 Now the goddess (dressed in white) holds the snake in her hand, the goddess is in the cyclical nature of her times. etc ..represents the apocalypse of john, from the moon comes the goddess who has to fight with the snake. 38) There are two cycles the first cycle is the primordial one, the second is the one we are experiencing, behind the goddess with the snake in her hand there is a delirium, wars, accidents and more. 39) The singer is dressed in gold, the color favorable for the gods, the antichrist under her skirt prepares her to mate, the antichrist mates with the double of the goddess of our time. This video is not to be understood ..... 40) 2:47 The singer dressed in gold gestures with her hand, says to wait for the woman dressed in white. She is having an intercourse with the antichrist, and when she is ready her antichrist puts his 5 fingers on her, she has an orgasm right now, she is giving birth. 41) 3:01 The singer has a new transformation, she is a primordial cocoon that must grow. 42) Evil brings a chest to the mother goddess 43) FIRST WE WERE TWO, then through mating we became 1. 44) The goddess opens the box and there are sacrificial knives. 45) The antichrist takes two daggers, the old era gives honor (according to the authors) to the new beginning of the second age, the people are finally back "conscious" and give their yes. 46) The sacrifice ...

  • Viviana Ottos Tuncar
    Viviana Ottos Tuncar小时 前

    Debemos hacer que 911 supere a Dynamite

  • Erza Scarlett
    Erza Scarlett小时 前

    This is the definition of masterpiece

  • •Yukon•
    •Yukon•2 小时 前

    Queen Lady Gaga 911

  • Ashaliyeva Marie
    Ashaliyeva Marie3 小时 前

    This is easily my favorite thing Gaga has ever made. I was so caught off guard by the ending- not what I was expecting or thinking of in the slightest. Brought tears to my eyes. I interpreted it as a near death experience; everything happening in the musical portion was all in her mind just before they revived her. This was beautiful, emotionally raw, and soul shaking. I love it. And I love love love Lady Gaga!!! 💗😭💗

  • finno!
    finno!3 小时 前

    wtf is up at 2:17 edit: go onto 0.25 speed and see what i mean

  • Yackeline mejia alvarez
    Yackeline mejia alvarez3 小时 前


  • Inga Hovoyan
    Inga Hovoyan4 小时 前

    The fact that this music vidio is about Armenia 😍

  • André Mesquita
    André Mesquita4 小时 前

    Free woman is coming

  • ann alves
    ann alves5 小时 前

    The earrings are so pretty

  • P H
    P H5 小时 前

    60 Mi

  • P H
    P H5 小时 前


  • Юрий Рагулин
    Юрий Рагулин5 小时 前

    59 501 228

  • Antonietoverdi
    Antonietoverdi5 小时 前

    one of the best videos of the history

  • Jonas Ferreira
    Jonas Ferreira7 小时 前

    Intro de Baby Shark?

  • Vinícius Kroetz
    Vinícius Kroetz7 小时 前

    esquecido no churrasco putz

  • P H

    P H

    5 小时 前


  • Ederson Moraes
    Ederson Moraes7 小时 前

    911 🤧🤒🧑‍⚕️

  • Mizuki-San!
    Mizuki-San!7 小时 前


  • Blue Screen
    Blue Screen9 小时 前

    real art short film And little monsters need a Swine MV!!!

  • 10 Anthurium Prabhjot 27
    10 Anthurium Prabhjot 2710 小时 前

    I search 911 ee ee

  • James Piji Bulactiar
    James Piji Bulactiar11 小时 前

    I think Gaga will win Video of the Year at 2021 VMAs :)

  • ROXIEJULoL wtf

    ROXIEJULoL wtf

    10 小时 前

    yes, and a grammy for best mv

  • Aydana November
    Aydana November11 小时 前

    У меня двоякое отношение к этому видосу. Оно вызывает и негативные, и позитивные эмоции одновременно. Скажу честно, песня зацепила. Классная. И клип красивый. Вот только слегка расистский, взять хотя бы как нелепо показан молящийся. Но, как говорится, всем угодить невозможно.

  • hao yang
    hao yang12 小时 前

    a masterpiece

  • MaryD
    MaryD16 小时 前


  • Matias Valenzuela
    Matias Valenzuela16 小时 前

    LADY GAGA 911

  • Matias Valenzuela
    Matias Valenzuela16 小时 前


  • Brandon G
    Brandon G17 小时 前


  • C
    C18 小时 前

    This reminds me of that tragedy.

  • Santiago Quiahua Macuixtle
    Santiago Quiahua Macuixtle19 小时 前

    Pop a 911

  • Yerson J
    Yerson J20 小时 前


  • Alex Carpenter
    Alex Carpenter22 小时 前

    I never noticed the split moment after the guy pulls her down with the rope you see her wake up on the stretcher for a split frame

  • Thermal Ascension
    Thermal Ascension22 小时 前

    Lost little girl..

  • Thermal Ascension
    Thermal Ascension22 小时 前


  • Thermal Ascension
    Thermal Ascension22 小时 前

    Only two words.... Time machine.......🌪️ I will fix it..! 🦅

  • Dereck Santana
    Dereck Santana23 小时 前

    Uma obra de arte 💘

  • Paola Martinez
    Paola Martinez天 前

    Fan de la shakira apoyando, les agradezco mucho el apoyo a lo hecho está hecho (✷‿✷)(✷‿✷)

  • riverside notes
    riverside notes天 前

    No words.

  • tania estrada
    tania estrada天 前

    i love ady gaga

  • cate littlemonsters
    cate littlemonsters天 前

    Como siempre los videos sin contenido con un montón de visitas y este que es ARTE con 59. Peeero.. de todas formas quiero felicitar a los monsters por lo que hicimos con artpop. Ven que cuanddo queremos podemos,siempre fuimos un fandom fuerte ARRIBA ❤❤

  • J
    J天 前

    just like they did to Bad Romance ppl didn't appreciate the art until years later watch the same thing happen with 911

  • Узумаки Наруто
    Узумаки Наруто天 前


  • L. Rahaf
    L. Rahaf天 前

    We can do it gooo 100m

  • Юрий Рагулин
    Юрий Рагулин天 前

    59 426 315

  • Abel Barroso
    Abel Barroso天 前

    Sigan con el stream a Artpop pero no se olviden de Chromatica. O quieren hacerlo 7 años después? No seamos flojos Monsters, todos sabemos que están reproduciendo Artpop solo por Artpop Act II por que luego no apoyan

  • oscar gomez
    oscar gomez天 前

    Hermosa, ella

  • Samuel Borjas
    Samuel Borjas天 前

    Arriba los fans latinos!!!

  • Jordan j
    Jordan j天 前

    Lady gaga release #outofcontrol please 😭💔

  • UKMinistryOfSound
    UKMinistryOfSound天 前

    Who else thought it was the Breath of the Wild trailer?

  • willian willian
    willian willian天 前

    As Pessoas não sabem apreciar a Arte. Já ouvi essa música várias vezes e eu amo ela. Espero que outras pessoas ouçam, afinal não existe apenas Taylor Swift e Ariana Grande no Pop music.

  • TheLapari
    TheLapari天 前

    Justice for ARTPOP! #buyARTPOPoniTunes ✨

    ROXXY天 前


  • Fernanda Pinzón
    Fernanda Pinzón天 前

    The fact that I'm doing an analysis for The Color of Pomegranates and then I came to this video... I'm shook

  • Danielle Letícia
    Danielle Letícia天 前


  • Jorge Iuri Almeida dos Santos
    Jorge Iuri Almeida dos Santos天 前

    Obra de arte!!!!!!!

  • PeptoDismal
    PeptoDismal天 前

    Inspired by El Topo and The Color of Pomegranates. Love the references!

  • Isael Nieves
    Isael Nieves天 前


  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia天 前



    A masterpiece

  • Ethan Kang
    Ethan Kang天 前

    2:17 0-0

  • slappy burrito
    slappy burrito天 前

    holy shit i never noticed that dude is wearing a witcher necklace

  • musiclova2112
    musiclova2112天 前

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️

  • Syaban Margolang
    Syaban Margolang天 前

    Tik tok dance👍

  • Miss Anita Booking
    Miss Anita Booking天 前


  • Stevão Santtos
    Stevão Santtos天 前

    Nossa nova rainha do pop! New Queen of pop!

  • Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
    Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena天 前

    Pónganse a reproducir ArtPop en Spotify monster

  • paytonisdying
    paytonisdying天 前

    Not the LG product placement at the end 💀💀💀

  • Diamond Chiwawa
    Diamond Chiwawa2 天 前

    Me quedaron a deber 😐 En el corte exclusivo de LG se explica mucho mejor, osea... 3:00 este traje claramente simboliza que ella ya está muerta 3:17 esto talvez simbolizaría una especie de limbo y luego muestra cuando la intentan reanimar y talvez sería que murió 2 veces? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Porque en el corte exclusivo de LG se muestra que muere después de que la reaniman y grita toda alterada a lo pendejo No se Ignorenme


    Ciao a tutti sono Pero Valentino ( per gli amici "zio Pero) un giovane cantautore di 64 anni, ho sicuramente più giorni dietro che.. avanti, ma attenzione ho ancora voglia di suonare e scrivere, preciso che sono autodidatta..ehheh forse si nota, comunque dopo aver appeso il volante del camion ad un chiodo, sto trovando il tempo per scrivere di mio pugno tutti quei brani che canticchiavo quando guidavo certi "bestioni", vi invito quindi ad iscrivervi al mio canale CNboth... ho bisogno della vostre critice per capire se......grazie tutti voi..Valentino Pero'x

  • Gracefully Grace
    Gracefully Grace2 天 前

    What did I just watch

  • angeles paz
    angeles paz2 天 前

    Tinistas apoyando ;)

  • Aury Pérez Jímenez
    Aury Pérez Jímenez2 天 前

    GAGA is ART.

  • Nillu
    Nillu2 天 前


  • Karnig Sahagian
    Karnig Sahagian2 天 前

    anyone else see the Armenian words and style??

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Anahit Hayrikyan
    Anahit Hayrikyan2 天 前

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid2 天 前


  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid2 天 前


  • Paola Martinez
    Paola Martinez2 天 前

    Fan de la shakira apoyando, agradezco mucho el apoyo a lo hecho está hecho (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)

  • Rosa De la torre
    Rosa De la torre2 天 前

    They are your fan number 1

  • Daniel Borůvka
    Daniel Borůvka2 天 前

    “my biggest enemy is me” this is so powerful

  • Morella Lizzie Diamond
    Morella Lizzie Diamond2 天 前

    Im the 85k people who disliked the video but still watched it multiple times

  • angeles paz
    angeles paz2 天 前

    Vamos x ésos 60M!!! Tinistas Seguimos presentes ;)

  • José Salazar
    José Salazar2 天 前


  • José Salazar
    José Salazar2 天 前

    Que buen dia para ser little monster

  • Hugo Guerrero
    Hugo Guerrero2 天 前

    #BuyARTPOPoniTunes 🔵

  • Luisa Romero
    Luisa Romero2 天 前

    ARTPOP Y CHROMATICA= los mejores discos de Gaga

  • Luisa Romero
    Luisa Romero2 天 前

    lo que dijo la de abajo x2

  • Samuel Borjas
    Samuel Borjas2 天 前

    Arte de Video

  • Valentina Fereira
    Valentina Fereira2 天 前

    chromatica is ARTPOP's little sister

  • Valentina Fereira
    Valentina Fereira2 天 前

    Aprovechando la streaming party de ARTPOP, ola

  • Sergio Romano
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  • Jeremy Cabrera
    Jeremy Cabrera2 天 前